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Border Community Night

Opening and closing: James Holden looks like a shopkeeper this ADE at Border Community Night in the Melkweg. At ten o’clock he is ready to kick the party off at the Melkweg, and from three till five he was also closing up shop. In the meanwhile his technofriends Kate Wax, Luke Abbott and Avus past the revue. Kate and Luke even did this live, what they did in a way that can only happen at ADE. With the power and energy of the packed up Melkweg, they brought the night to a climax.

It’s no wonder that with a sold out festival, the place is going to be packed. But for Melkweg standards, tonight was busy. Only for a quick smoke in the cold people dared to go outside, but leaving was on nobody’s mind. Next to techno and minimal all four of the dj’s were experimenting. They’ve tried different stuff, other changes and out of tune beats that we normally aren’t used off with the Border Community-label.

But the vibe was good in the Melkweg. Young people enjoying some nice techno always has a good venue in The Max. Even though bumping in to one another was more rule than exception, the very lot of them stayed friendly, enjoyable and tolerant. It’s the vibe that Melkweg has and a Border Community Night during ADE only makes that vibe stronger and stronger.

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